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Welcome to the new Northshore Area Narcotics Anonymous Website.

If you have a problem with drugs or you are questioning whether or not you are an addict, please attend one of our meetings so you can hear other people’s experiences with addiction and recovery.

“Newcomers don’t have to be clean when they get here but after the first meeting we suggest that they keep coming back and come back clean. We want the place where we recover to be a safe place. For that reason we ask that no drugs or paraphernalia be brought to any meeting.

Our Program is, in fact, a way of life. We learn the value of such spiritual principles as surrender, humility and service from reading the N.A. literature, going to meetings, and working the steps. We find that our lives steadily improve, if we maintain abstinence from mind-altering, mood-changing chemicals and work the Twelve Steps to sustain our recovery. Living this Program gives us a relationship with a Power greater than ourselves, corrects defects, leads us to help others, and where there has been wrong, teaches us the spirit of forgiveness.” – Chapter 2 Basic Text © 1983

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