Face-to-Face Meetings

May 29, 2020 by
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As face-to-face meetings begin to open up we will try to make note of this on our site. Please keep in mind that these meetings will have restrictions in order to follow health guidelines. Some groups may be following slightly different rules but we would like to give you an idea of what to expect as you return to regular meetings.

  1. Masks will be required (Some meetings may have masks available but please bring your own if possible).
  2. Hand sanitizer should be used before entering the meeting.
  3. Coffee is not being served at most meetings (If you would like a beverage, please bring it with you).
  4. Attendance will be limited at some locations due to restrictions.

It is strongly recommended that you limit contact as much as possible. We understand that not everyone will follow this advice, but we ask that you are considerate of members’ feelings during this time. Some people may want to hug while others may prefer no contact; therefore, please ask someone before approaching them for a hug or any other form of contact.